Affordable Pricing

At Red Carpet Boat Trailer Rentals, rates are based on size and weight of the boat, number of axles on the trailer needed and the rental duration. Whether you are looking for a trailer for a boat, a dinghy or a personal watercraft, we have the perfect trailer for you.

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Daily and Weekly Boat Trailers for Rent

Are you looking to rent a boat trailer in Fort Lauderdale? No problem, we are here for you. Red Carpet Boat Trailer Rentals, LLC is a subsidiary of KC Marine Services Inc and offers a wide range of boat trailers that are available for rent on a daily or weekly basis.

We cater trailers to boat owners and experts in the boating industry. Our trailers fit boats up to 30 feet. We do not haul boats, but we deliver boat trailers to accommodate any occasion.

Daily and Weekly Pricing

Maybe you need a quick haul out for the day or maybe you are going on a trip. We can accommodate you either way.
Weekly rentals save you money.

Red Carpet rents trailers to boat owners, captains and to the marine repair industry. Our trailers fit boats up to 30 feet. Customers are responsible for having a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved hitch for the size boat to be hauled. Red Carpet Boat Trailer Rentals cannot haul or launch boats however we can deliver the trailer to you.

$/Day $/Week
Dinghy/Personal Watercraft 69.00 345.00
Single axle trailer up to 3000 LBS boat 99.00 495.00
Dual axle trailer up to 6000 LBS boat 125.00 625.00
Triple axle trailer up to 12,000 LBS boat 150.00 750.00

Delivery or Pick Up Fees


We do not Haul or Deliver Boats.

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